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2 People in the Water Planning Picture

People have always had an impact on how water interacts with the landscape, but social scientists have long been absent from water policy discussions and decisions. Sociologist Douglas Jackson-Smith and his colleagues are working to change that and to shape our water future.

8 Designing Where the Water Goes

Streets, sidewalks, rooftops and patios all affect what happens when the rain falls, and what happens to stormwater effects every community. The design of streets and other landscape elements has a big impact on this important part of the water cycle and can help or hinder how nature does its work.

12 Sustainability Matters Farm sustainability is far more complex than questions of organic vs. conventional practices. There is no question though that sustainability is impossible without healthy soil.

16 Putting Water Use on the MAP

Water is a scarce resource, but most Americans rarely think about how much they use, what it costs or where it comes from. A new tool can give cities and other water providers a more precise picture of water use in their communities and help determine how and where to focus conservation education activities.

20 Synthesis: Science at Utah State

24 A Better Measure of the Salt of the Earth

Remote sensing takes some of the backbreaking work out of measuring soil salinity, but it’s the math applied to the measurements that is making a big difference.

28 Utah’s Water Future

Climate scientist Simon Wang offers his take on the future of water in Utah with a look at what the climate record says about the region’s past.

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