Table of contents

Agricultural Outlook for 1947, by W. P. Thomas 1

Organization of the Agricultural Experiment Station 2

The management of sweet cherry orchard soils, by D. W. Thome and A. L. Stark 3

Research needs 4

Extension of research service through agreements with outside agencies 4

Pattern of dry-farm practices in intermountain area set by work done at Nephi Dry-Land Station, by A. F. Bracken 5

Heads and seed from over-wintered lettuce, by L. H. Pollard and L. R. Hawthorn 6

Sheep management and breeding studies reviewed 8

Research findings offer solutions for many farm problems 10

Adequate feeding of breeding ewes will prevent pregnancy disease, by Wayne Binns 13

Legume seed research unit established at Logan by U. S. Department of Agriculture 20

Utah State Nutrition Institute organized 20