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2: Social vs. Solitary Bees

Social bees are celebrated for their cooperative industry, but how did their innovative division of labor evolve? A starting point for examining this question may be study of their solitary cousins, say Utah State University biologists.

5: Getting to the Root of the Problem

In terms of plant systems, roots are the under-appreciated, behind-the-scenes hard workers. Despite being vital to a plant's survival, surprising little is understood about how roots interact with the water and soil around them. But researchers are developing techniques to understand the interactions that take place underground.

8: Large Animal Genetic Engineering Summit

Advances in understanding the genomes of numerous species of animals, and the development of tools to modify them, have accelerated rapidly in the past decade. Utah State University hosted a conference that brought together regulators and scientists from government, industry and academia who use genetically engineered large animals to understand some debilitating diseases.

10: Research on the Hill 2017

Each year, Research on Capitol Hill celebrates undergraduate research at the state's two research universities: Utah State University and the University of Utah. Among the 28 USU students selected to present posters in the capital rotunda this year were seven who are mentored by Utah Agricultural Experiment Station researchers.

14: Food on Mars, Food on Earth

Utah Agricultural Experiment Station researchers Lance Seefeldt and Bruce Bugbee are part of a new $15 million NASA Space Technology Research Institute tasked with using biological engineering to make long-duration space missions possible and sustainable.

18: USU Lab Mouse Lives to 132 Human Equivalent Years

Younger ovaries may be the secret of more youthful appearance and improved health. Meet Red #6, who lived the mouse equivalent of 132 human years, and did it with improved body condition, cognitive function and immune response. What could this mean for other mammals, including humans?

20: Utah Governor's 2017 Medals for Science and Technology

Utah Agricultural Experiment Station researchers Debra Spielmaker, John Morrey and Terry Messmer are among the recipients of this year's medals honoring the state's leaders in innovation.

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