Table of contents

Recommended fertilizer practices for 1948, by D. W. Thorne and H. B. Peterson 1

Research on virus diseases of stone fruits expanded 2

Soil fumigation, by G. Thorne 3

Director R. H. Walker 4

Consumer demand for peaches, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1947, by E. W. Lamborn 4

Sweet corn varieties for commercial processing, by E. M. Andersen E. B. Wilcox, D. A. Greenwood, and L. H. Pollard 5

Potato seed improvement in Utah, by E. L. Waldee 6

Yield of peach orchards materially increased by proper soil management practice, by D. W. Thorne 8

Some factor affecting the production of sugar beets, by J. L. Haddock 10

Spring mechanization of sugar beets, by D. W. Pittman 12

Beef cattle purchased by Sear Roebuck Foundation for the college, by L. L. Madsen 20