Table of contents

Preservative treatment of lodgepole and aspen fence posts, by R. R. Moore 1

Department of Horticulture 2

Cost of producing peaches in Utah, by E. M. Morrison 3

Another year in review 4

Research pays dividends in agricultural prosperity 4

Hybrid corn for ensilage, by R. W. Woodward and H. B. Peterson 5

The improvement of range sheep and sheep management practices on southern Utah ranges, by T. D. Bell, L. L. Madsen and M. A. Madsen 6

New varieties of alfalfa, by R. J. Evans and J. W. Carlson 8

Methods of reducing losses from curly-top by H. E. Dorst 10

Food poisoning, by K. R. Stevens 12

H. Loran Blood 16

Director R. H. Walker returns from Siamese mission 18