Table of contents

How much profit has there been in producing eggs in Utah, by G. T. Blanch 1

Expansion of the research program 2

High milk production dependent on adequate feed supply by G. Q. Bateman 3

Weeds, the most costly crop pest, by D. C. Tingey 5

Improvement of range sheep for lamb and wool production by L. L. Mad en T. D. Bell, M. A. Madsen and J. A. Bennett 6

Planting grass on Utah' ranges by L. A. Stoddart 8

Little cherry, a virus disease of sweet and sour cherries in Utah, by B. L. Richards B. N. Wadley, and G. W. Cochran 10

Research in irrigation and drainage basic to agricultural prosperity in Utah by O. W. I raelsen C. W. Lauritzen, and J. H. Maughan. 13

Pollinating the alfalfa eed crop, by M. W. Pedersen and F. E. Todd 15

Ladybird beetle aid in pea aphid control, by G. F. Knowlton 17

Range cattle losses in Wayne County under investigation, by L. L. Madsen 20