A Payload Verification and Management Framework for Small UAV-Based Personal Remote Sensing Systems

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Conference Paper

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2012 5th International Symposium on Resilient Control Systems (ISRCS)


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers


Salt Lake City, UT

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Small, unmanned aerial systems are becoming more important in many fields, including civilian, scientific applications. Affordable systems that allow remote sensing at a small scale-personal remote sensing-are possible with proper system design. To assure data mission success (i.e., reliable and safe data collection) with low-cost or consumer-level sensor hardware, a well-designed payload management system is needed, along with sensor interface development and standardized testing frameworks for verification. This payload management system ensures a level of airworthiness for Data Mission Assurance. This paper presents such a system, along with motivations and choices such as system architecture and implementation, as well as standardized testing and verification. Data results from flight of a fixed-wing example payload is also included.

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