Topsoil Moisture Estimation for Precision Agriculture Using Unmmaned Aerial Vehicle Multispectral Imagery

Leila Hassan-Esfahani, Utah State University
Alfonso F. Torres-Rua, Utah State University
Andres M. Ticlavilca, Utah State University
Austin Jensen, Utah State University
Mac McKee, Utah State University


There is an increasing trend in crop production management decisions in precision agriculture based on observation of high resolution aerial images from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Nevertheless, there are still limitations in terms of relating the spectral imagery information to the agricultural targets. AggieAir™ is a small, autonomous unmanned aircraft which carries multispectral cameras to capture aerial imagery during pre-programmed flights. AggieAir enables users to gather imagery at greater spatial and temporal resolution than most manned aircraft and satellite sources. The platform has been successfully used in support of a wide variety of water and natural resources management areas. This paper presents results of an on-going research in the application of the imagery from AggieAir in the remote sensing of top soil moisture estimations for a large field served by a center pivot sprinkler irrigation system.