Recent amendments to design ground snow load requirements in ASCE 7-22 have reduced the size of case study regions by 91% from what they were in ASCE 7-16, primarily in western states. This reduction is made possible through the development of highly accurate regional generalized additive regression models (RGAMs), stitched together with a novel smoothing scheme implemented in the R software package remap, to produce the continental- scale maps of reliability-targeted design ground snow loads available in ASCE 7-22. This approach allows for better characterizations of the changing relationship between temperature, elevation, and ground snow loads across the Conterminous United States. RGAMs are shown to have 10% or better improvement in mean absolute mapping error in two independently created datasets when compared to traditional mapping techniques. Potential implications and limitations of incorporating mapping accuracy into the reliability-targeted load calculation are demonstrated and discussed.

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American Society of Civil Engineers, Structural Engineering Institute 202827


This folder contains a dataset, a shapefile, two R packages, and script that reproduces estimates of cross-validated accuracy in the companion manuscript. The associated data represents a consolidation of information from the following sources.

- The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Global Historical Climatological Network - Daily (GHCND) ( Version: August 25th, 2020.

- Gridded climate normals from the PRISM Climate Group (

- US EPA's Environmental Ecoregions (

Data processing and models were created using R Statistical Software with the help of the tidyverse, sf, mgcv, automap, gstat, snowload, and remap packages.

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Wagstaff, J., Bean, B., Wheeler, J., Maguire, M., & Sun, Y. (in press). Regionalized Mapping of Reliability-Targeted Design Snow Loads in the United States.

Bean, B., Maguire, M., Sun, Y., Wagstaff, J., Al-Rubaye, S. A., Wheeler, J., Jarman, S., & Rogers, M. (2021). The 2020 National Snow Load Study. Mathematics and Statistics Faculty Publications. Paper 276.



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