Ipyrad pipeline parameters files, raw sequence data, barcodes and supporting scripts for clonal and cytotype sample assignment of Populus tremuloides.



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This data set contains the following: 1. Raw compressed amplicon sequence data (fastq.gz) from 3 individual Illumina HiSeq2500 lanes ("BP01", "BP02" and "BP03"). Each lane is presented here in 7 individual sequencing files "aa" to "ag" for ease of data transfer. Once download the command line instructions in the README can be used to compile the required fastq.gz files for downstream analysis (p1815-BP01_S40_L006_R1_001.fastq.gz, p1815-BP02_S41_L007_R1_001.fastq.gz and p1815-BP03_S42_L008_R1_001.fastq.gz). 2.Barcode files corresponding to each raw amplicon sequence data file (barcodes01.txt, barcodes02.txt and barcodes03.txt). 3. Ipyrad (http://ipyrad. readthedocs. io) parameters files used to run steps 2 thru 7 of Ipyrad. Separate sequence files were demultiplexed in step 1 of Ipyrad then merged prior to running remaining steps. One parameters file to be subsequently used for clonal assignment (params-BP123_XXXXXXXX_clone.txt) and the other for cytotype analysis (params-BP123_XXXXXXXX_ploidy.txt). 4. Python script to remove a list of individuals from .vcf files for downstream analysis ( 5. R script to transform jaccard pair-wise similarity indices to clonal group assignments (clone_assignment.R). Additionally, the following scripts were implemented as part of this pipeline: 1. vcf2Jaccard (, Carol Rowe) 2. vcf2hetAlleleDepth (, Carol Rowe) 3. gbs2ploidy (Gompert, Z., Mock, K. Detection of individual ploidy levels with genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) analysis. Mol. Eco. Res. 17:1156-67.)

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Arizona State University School of Life Sciences


Utah State University


Leaf samples (n=503) were collected from three watersheds in southwestern Colorado. Genomic DNA was subsequently extracted and a ddRAD library prepared following Parchmen et al. 2012. Individually barcoded samples were then pooled and sequenced in three separate libraries using an Illumina HiSeq2500. Additional details can be found in the forthcoming publication.

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Populus tremuloides




Exact instructions for concatenating the files are included in the README file.


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BP01_S40_L006_R1_aa.fastq.gz (1860416 kB)
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BP01_S40_L006_R1_ab.fastq.gz (1836351 kB)
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BP01_S40_L006_R1_ac.fastq.gz (1859417 kB)
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BP01_S40_L006_R1_ad.fastq.gz (1956087 kB)
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BP01_S40_L006_R1_ae.fastq.gz (2009013 kB)
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BP01_S40_L006_R1_af.fastq.gz (1986107 kB)
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BP01_S40_L006_R1_ag.fastq.gz (1226263 kB)
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BP02_S41_L007_R1_aa.fastq.gz (1850345 kB)
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BP02_S41_L007_R1_ab.fastq.gz (1826515 kB)
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BP02_S41_L007_R1_ac.fastq.gz (1873673 kB)
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BP02_S41_L007_R1_ad.fastq.gz (1990780 kB)
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BP02_S41_L007_R1_ae.fastq.gz (1968924 kB)
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BP02_S41_L007_R1_af.fastq.gz (2032458 kB)
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BP02_S41_L007_R1_ag.fastq.gz (669386 kB)
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BP03_S42_L008_R1_aa.fastq.gz (1840608 kB)
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BP03_S42_L008_R1_ab.fastq.gz (1845704 kB)
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BP03_S42_L008_R1_ac.fastq.gz (1901644 kB)
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BP03_S42_L008_R1_ad.fastq.gz (2020478 kB)
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BP03_S42_L008_R1_ae.fastq.gz (2000875 kB)
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BP03_S42_L008_R1_af.fastq.gz (2117778 kB)
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clone_assignment.R (1 kB)
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BP03_S42_L008_R1_ag.fastq.gz (209154 kB)
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msl_10_lessDroppedInds.vcf (1454636 kB)
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