Center for Student Analytics

Center for Student Analytics

The Center for Student Analytics functions as a service entity at Utah State University, providing professional empowerment and opportunities for enhanced data literacy to other administrative units on campus.

Our Mission

The core tenets of our mission focus on the following three premises which relate to why analytics are an essential feature of the modern higher education landscape:

  • Analytics enhance professional capacities and highlight professional competency by making an institution’s data more accessible and actionable through robust modeling and dynamic visualizations.
  • When used appropriately and with proper training, analytics are an invaluable resource for informed, professional decision making and enhanced deployment of curriculum and student services.
  • Analytics are most effective when used in a manner that leads to increased human collaboration and a greater sense of efficacy as professionals empower student thriving through increased learning, discovery, and engagement.

To these ends, the Center for Student Analytics is committed to the following activities:

  1. Data Collection & Access
  2. Data Science & Modeling
  3. Data Visualization & Workflows
  4. Socialization of Analytics Tools
  5. Empowerment of Human Action
  6. Advocacy & Innovation

The overarching goal of our work is to pursue and facilitate institutional effectiveness.


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