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Fall 12-2019


abstract: Academic advising performs a pivotal contribution to student success by providing information about university expectations and avenues towards graduation. The impact of academic advising is routinely assessed to explore its influence on student persistence. This report explores the impact of academic advising between 2016 to 2019 on student persistence to the next term. METHODS: Academic advising met with nearly 40% of students at USU each semester. Students who had a record of meeting with an academic advisor were compared to similar students who did not. Students were compared using prediction-based propensity score matching. Students who met with an advisor were matched with students who did not based on their persistence predication and their propensity to participate. The groups were compared using difference-in-difference testing (DID). FINDINGS: Students were 99% similar following matching. Students who met with an academic advisor were significantly more likely to persist at USU than similar students who did not (DID = 0.052, p < .001). The unstandardized effect size can be estimated through student impact. It is estimated that academic advising assisted in retaining 667 (CI: 618 – 715) students each year who were otherwise not expected to persist.