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Soil moisture storage in mature and replanted sub-humid boreal forest stands

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Canadian Journal of Soil Science





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Elliott, J. A., Toth, B. M., Granger, R. J. and Pomeroy, J. W. 1998. Soil moisture storage in mature and replanted sub-humid boreal forest stands. Can. J. Soil Sci. 78: 17–27. Soil moisture profiles at two mature forest sites (Pine and Mixed-Wood) and two plantations (1981 Pine and 1992 Mixedwood) in central Saskatchewan were studied in conjunction with soil properties, pre- cipitation, interception and evapotranspiration. Sampling locations within each stand were chosen to highlight differences in soil moisture due to interception, evapotranspiration and soil physical properties.

Soil moisture storage to 1-m depth was greatest on the 92-Plantation where transpiration and interception of precipitation were less than the other sites. Moisture storage in the 81-Plantation was similar to that in the mixed-wood stand. The Pine stand had the lightest textured soils and stored least water to 1-m depth. Variability in moisture storage was also observed within stands and was associated with canopy structure and density, water extraction patterns and mechanical site preparation. In the furrows at the 92- Plantation, wet soils in combination with low infiltration rates and transpiration may have lead to the generation and channelling of rainfall runoff during a major rainfall event.