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Forms, amounts and distribution of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur in a boreal aspen forest soil

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Canadian Journal of Soil Science





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Huang, W. Z. and Schoenau, J. J. 1996. Forms, amounts and distribution ofcarbon, nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur in a boreal aspen forest soil. Can. J. Soil Sci.76: 373 385. The forms, amounts and distribution of carbon (C), nitrogen (N)' phos- phorus (p) and sulfur (S) were assessed in soil profiles under trembling aspen (Populus trenruloitles Michx') stands in the south- ern boreal forest of Saskatchewan, Canada. Thetotal mass of organic C storage in the LFH horizon and mineral soil to a depth of I m ranged from 95:s2,"'io:J:o tg n; ' *l,h un a!erage of"99 220 !q,hi ' organic C and N in the LFH horizon accounted for rhe grearest proportron of the total storage (47.3% of C"and 34.2% of N), followed by the B horizon (224% of C and 32'7% of N), the A horizon (ti.3%of C and 18.3% of N) and the C horizon (13.0% of C and 14.8% of N) Unlike C and N, more than 96% of the total p was fbund in the mineral soil and only 3.5% in the LFH horizon. Much of the P stored in the mineral horizons is contained in non-labile pri-ary minerals forms. The greatest proporlion (36.5%) of organic S was found in the C horizon. with

26.60/o in the LFH horizon. The contribution of the LFII horizon to total organrc C and N stored irr boreal forest soils should not be neglected in global nuffient cycling models.