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The effect of aspen harvest and regrowth on water yield in Minnesota


Elon S. Verry

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Contribution to Book


Forest Hydrology and Watershed Management: Proceedings of the Vancouver Symposium

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International Association of Hydrological Sciences


Publication No. 167

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Annual water yield increased following the clearcutting of a mature aspen forest in years 1-9 and year 14 of subsequent aspen regrowth. Maximum increases of 85, 117, and 88 mm year-l occurred during the first 3 years of regrowth. Increases in streamflow volumes from snowmelt and early spring rains were minimal and more variable after harvest and regeneration. Most of the increases occurred during the leaf-on periods, but sporadic increases occurred during the fall-early winter recharge period as long as 15 years after harvest. Increases in water yield were best explained by changes in aboveground biomass, but precipitation, especially during the leaf-on periods, improved the relation. Increases in annual water yields became insignificant when aboveground biomass approached 57 tonnes ha-1 (17 percent of mature forest biomass at 14-15 years of age).