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On July 10-11, 2018 volunteers and staff from Great Old Broads for Wilderness and Grand Canyon Trust removed invasive plants from the Pando exclosure, a fenced portion of the Pando Clone aspen forest adjacent to Fish Lake, in Central Utah. This area has been fenced to restore a portion of the Pando Clone that has been lacking recruitment for decades, by protecting young aspen from browsing by deer and cattle. We have been removing invasive species for five years from this exclosure.

The 2018 trip included 10 women and one staffer of Great Old Broads for Wilderness, from the states of Utah, Colorado and Oregon (Fig. 1). There were also four staff from Grand Canyon Trust (Marc Coles-Ritchie, Mary O'Brien, Lisa Winters and Lisa Clark). One of the volunteers and Mary O'Brien are both Board members of Great Old Broads for Wilderness. Marc Coles-Ritchie communicated with Kurt Robins, District Ranger for the Fremont Ranger District, before the trip to explain the weeding plan.