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Populus Tremula in Europe: Distribution, Habitat, Usage, and Threats

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Jesus San-Miguel-Ayanz

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European Atlas of Forest Tree Species

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The Eurasian aspen (Populus tremula L.) is a fast-growing broadleaf tree that is native to the cooler temperate and boreal regions of Europe and Asia. It has an extremely wide range, as a result of which there are numerous forms and subspecies. It can tolerate a wide range of habitat conditions and typically colonises disturbed areas (for example after fire, wind-throw, etc.). It is considered to be a keystone species because of its ecological importance for other species: it has more host-specific species than any other boreal tree. The wood is mainly used for veneer and pulp for paper production as it is light and not particularly strong, although it also has use as a biomass crop because of its fast growth. A number of hybrids have been developed to maximise its vigour and growth rate.