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Ecological Silviculture for Aspen Mixedwoods in Western Canada

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Brian J. Palik & Anthony W. D'Amato

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Ecological Silvicultural Systems: Exemplary Models for Sustainable Forest Management


John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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The subject of our proposed book is broadly ecological silviculture, which is a transformative approach for managing forests ecosystems based on emulation of natural models of development and that explicitly incorporates ecological objectives into prescriptions for on-the-ground activities. Specifically, our proposal is for a book that presents examples of comprehensive forest developmental models and corresponding ecological silvicultural systems for major temperate and boreal forests in North America, as well as select forest ecosystems in Europe, South American, and Australasia. These examples will be presented in contributed chapters written by innovators in the field. We are pioneers in developing the fundamental concepts of ecological silviculture and translating concepts into principles and guidelines for on-the-ground management, having already authored the first of its kind textbook on the subject (Palik et al. 2020, Waveland Press), as well as several other influential papers that addresses various aspects of ecological silviculture (e.g., Franklin, Mitchell, and Palik 2007; D'Amato et al. 2017; Palik and D'Amato 2017; D'Amato and Palik 2021). In our textbook (Palik et al. 2020), we were only able to highlight four examples of ecological silviculture systems, all from the United States and focused on only a limited suite of ecosystems. We know there is wealth of additional exemplary approaches to ecological silviculture that can be highlighted in our proposed book, making the knowledge and experience of innovators in the field readily available to a global population of interested stakeholders