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Impacts of Historic Disturbance on Drought Response of Aspen-Dominated Forest

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Proceedings of the 1st Northern Hardwood Conference 2021

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Water limitation is expected to have greater impact on forest growth in the Lake States region in the future, and management may have long-term impacts on how forests respond to this and other potential stressors. We examined the response of aspen-dominated forest growing on droughty, sandy soils to a regionwide drought that occurred in 2012. During July 2018, we stem-mapped, measured, and cored overstory trees across nine replicated treatments at the Long-Term Soil Productivity (LTSP) study installation at Huron-Manistee National Forest in lower Michigan, USA. Annual biomass growth, reconstructed from cross-dated tree rigs widths, was used to calculate indices of resistance and resilience and evaluate drought responses at tree and stand scales. Our results indicate little to no direct impact of organic matter removal or compaction on stand-scale growth responses to the 2012 drought, but species, tree size, and density (neighborhood crowding) did influence resistance and resilience.