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Department of Industrial and Technical Education Engineering Experiment Station and Pupil Personnel and Guidance Services Utah State Department of Public Instruction


Logan, UT

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There is evidence on every hand that one of the important needs in present day and future education is good guidance and counseling. Although some guidance and counseling programs have been in operation for many years, only recently have they blossomed forth into the significant place in education which they now occupy. The rapid growth has brought about numerous problems, many of which are yet unsolved. Among these important unsolved problems are the following: What are the real duties and responsibilities of counselors? Is vocational guidance receiving its proper emphasis? How well informed about vocations are the counselors and how well informed should they be? How do students acquire occupational information? How can counselors best assist students in making realistic assessment of their own potentialities and in choosing their life's work in harmony with their capabilities and interests? These, and other equally important problems, are worthy of serious study and consideration.

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