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CEDAR Workshop, Sante Fe, NM

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Because of the significant gaps in nighttime-only data, traditional Fourier techniques are difficult to use to identify tides and short-period planetary waves (PWs). The Lomb-Scargle per- iodogram is a method that was developed by as- tronomers to identify oscillations in nighttime-only and otherwise incomplete data. For the same rea- sons, it is also a powerful tool for aeronomers. The Lomb-Scargle technique is described with particular emphasis on its application to nighttime- only lidar data. Because of the gaps in the data, attention is also placed on techniques used to identify aliasing in the Lomb-Scargle periodo- grams. The method is applied to mesospheric temperatures from the Rayleigh-scatter lidar at the Atmospheric Lidar Observatory (ALO; 41.7°N, 111.8°W) at Utah State University (USU).


Presented at the CEDAR Workshop, Sante Fe, NM. PDF of poster available for download from link above.

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