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Apple and crabapple cultivars were used to pollinate 'Starkrimson' & ' Oregon Spur' of 'Delicious' apples to study their effectiveness as pollen sources in two commercial orchards. The apple cultivars evaluated were 'Arkansas Black', 'Ben Davis', 'Yates', and 'Golden Delicious'; crabapple cultivars were Malus ' Hopa ', Malus 'Dolgo', Malus zumi calocarpa, and Malus floribunda. No significant differen ce was found among any of the cultivars in evaluation of fruit set when only "king" blossoms were pollinated. When all open blossoms were pollinated, ' Ben Davis', 'Arkansas Black', and 'Yates' gave sati sfactory results. Cultivars with bloom periods overlapping ' Delicious' were 'Arkans as Black ', 'Ben Davis', 'Yates', and Maluszumi calocarpa. All cultivars showed significance over open pollination in regards to number of seeds. 'Arkansas Black', 'Ben Dnvi s', 'Yates' would be suitable pollenizers for ' Delicious'. 'Calocarpa ' might be effective pending more research.

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