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This paper is an introductory study to certain saproglyphids found associated with solitary wasps, and is by no means to be considered as a definitive work. A comprehensive review of the group will take years and much more collecting and study. The information here presented has been niade possible by the studies on the biology of the solitary wasps by K. V. Krombein, of the U. S. Department of Agriculture. All the mites mentioned in this paper were removed from nests under study or collected from wasps in the U. S. National Museum by Dr. Krombein. The information gathered indicates that each wasp is parasitized by its own species of mite. Although the specific characters separating these mites species are small, they are constant within the small series studied, especially in the hypopial nymphs which a collector almost invariably encounters. Adults are at present little known, and the characters found useful in other groups for species differentiation are, in these mites, of little use. It is possible that in the evolution of these mites there has been little differentiation because of the close similarity of the habitats on the wasps and in the nests.

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