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Proc. IVth Int. Symp. On Pollination

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This report is not presented to provide any new scientific knowledge but to inform anybody of the existence in Spain of a team and some studies, material and experience which we would like to be useful to everyone. Over three hundred species of bees have been have collected and identified in the Duero Region. Thirty two species, collected from alfalfa bloom in the Duero Region are listed, and of these, seven species have been studied biologically to date. Qualities of canidate species for consideration as commercial pollinators of alfalfa in Spain and the individual problems learned concerning non canidate species are summarized. Studies on Anthidium florentium, Megachile pacifica, Megachile pilidens, Megachile willughbiella, Melitta leporina and Melitturga clavicornis are being carried on.

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