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Habitus of Nysson Latr. (sens. str. ) , but differs as follows : The second and third submarginal cells each receiving a recur-rent nervure, the first received by the petiolated second before its middle, the second received by the third at its basal one-third; forehead at middle with a tubercle or carina just above base of antennae; ventral segments 4-5 in with a lateral tooth, lateral margins of pygidium towards apex serrated; ventral segments 4-6 in 1, with a lateral tooth, the pygidium at apex tridentate, the middle tooth minute, otherwise hind tibiae, scutellums, etc., as in Nysson Latr., but not Paranysson, which I consider to be a distinct genus. Dedicated to my friend, the energetic young hymenopterist, Mr. Wm. J. Fox, of Philadelphia, Pa.

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