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Stature of Bothynostethus distinctus Fox, Black, closely, opaquely punctate. Ocelli arranged alomost in an equilateral triangle. Eyes slightly convergent above, with a median emargination within, but not deply emarginated, as in Pison. Clypeus with a median triangular production Mandibles beneath strongly emarginate at basal third and rufous from the emargination to apex. Methorax rugulose, with a median furrow and a delicate carina, the furrow lineated on either side from the carina. Wings subhyaline, the tegulae, stigma and veins brown-black; the submedian cell is distinctly shorter than the median; the first recurrent nervure is interstitial with the first transverse cubitus, while the second recurrent joins the submarginal cell at its apical fourth. Abdomen distinctly punctate, the dorsal segments 1-4 broadly depressed at apex and clothed with a silvery or at least glittery pubescense, especially noticeable laterally; ventral segments 2-5 narrowly testaceous at apex and finely closely punctate. Longer spur of hind tibiae nearly as long as the basal joint of tarsi.

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