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Proceedings of the Washington Academy of Sciences



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The following paper on the Hymenoptera of Alaska, by William Harris Ashmead, Assistant Curator, Division of Insects, U. S. National Museum, was originally published in the Proceedings of the Washington Academy of Sciences, vol. IV, pp. 117-274, May 29, 1902. It is here reprinted from the same electrotype plates, so that it may be quoted exactly as if it were the original. The original pagination has been preserved and transferred to the inner or hinge side of the page, where it is enclosed in brackets, thus [118]; while the consecutive pagination of the present volume has been added in the usual place. In the plates the original numbers and running headline, slightly abbreviated, have been preserved [in brackets], while the volume designation and serial plate numbers have been added in the usual place. The original text references to the plates are unchanged. The present headpiece and title have been substituted for the running heading of the Academy's Proceedings and the original title, which was: Papers from the Harriman Alaska Expedition. XXVIII, Hymenoptera. No other alterations have been made.

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