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Journal & Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal





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The following members were present:- Dr. N. Annandale, Raja Ram Chandra Bhanj, Mr. F. B. Bradley-Birt, Mr. I. H. Burkill, Mr. R. Burn, Rai Sarat Chandra DasBahadur, BabuAmulya Charan Ghosh Vidyabhusan, Mr.H. G. Graves, Mr. H. H. Hayden, Mr. D. Hooper, Mr. W. W. Hornell, Dr. W. C. Hossack, Mr. C. Little, Dr. M. M. Masoom, Mr. R. D. Mehta, C.I.E., Capt. W. F. O'Connor, R.A., Lieut.-Col. D. C. Phillott, Major L. Rogers, LM.S., Pandit Yogesa Chandra Sastri-Sankya-ratna-Vedatirtha, Mr. R. R. 8impson, Babu Chandra Narain Singh, Mr. H. E. Stapleton, Mahamahopadhyaya Satis Chandra Vidyabhusana, Mr. E. Vredenburg, Rev. E. C. Woodley. Visitors :--Mr. E. C. H. Cresswell, Babu P. K. Das, Mr. H. C. Jones, S. Naseer Hosain Khan, Babu Dwijendra Narain Ray, Babu Purnendra Narain Singh, and others. The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed. ' Seventy-three presentations were announced. In accordance with Council order, the General Secretary read the following report submitted by the Delegates to the Aberdeen University's 400th Anniversary on behalf of the Society. "Your Delegates to the Aberdeen University on the occasion of its recent Quartercentenary Celebrations have the pleasure to submit a short report of their mission. They do not propose to describe the Festival, as they understa11d that the official Publications Committee of the University intends to present Books of the proceedings to all the bodies that sent representatives. The Celebrations, which extended over four days-September 25th-28th-of exquisite weather, were begun by a service in one of the two constituent colleges of the University (King's College) and were ended by an evening Reception in the other (Marischal College). During the entire week the City was en fete.

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