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Since my revision of the North American species of Tetrastichus appeared ( 1943, Proc. USNM, 93: 505-608), a large number of undescribed species of the genus have turned up. Of these, 10 are described in this paper, most of them providing names for use in papers by other workers. The name Tetrastichus is here used in the traditional sense of Haliday, 1844, type, Cirrospilus attalus Walker, as employed in the literature for over a century. At present this name is unavailable. In 1940, Neave (Norn. Zool., 4: 442) indicated that Walker, 1842, first used the name Tetrastichus. Peck ( 1951, U.S. Dept. Agr., Monog. 2: 443), consequently used the name Tetrastichus Walker, 1842, designating Cirrospilus lycidas Walker as type. C. lycidas is, however, an Aprostocetus, as pointed out by Lindroth and Graham ( 1960, Opusc. Ent., 25: 94). This would require the use of the name Trichoceras Ratzeburg, 1848, type Trichoceras erythrophthalmus Ratzeburg, for the genus long known as Tetrastichus. Since there is an enormous literature now extant in which the name Tetrastichus is used in the traditional sense, an application has been made to the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature to suppress Tetrasti-chus Walker. Such an action would make Tetrastichus Haliday again available.

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