Simple, inexpensive media for mass production of three entomophthoralean fungi

Luis G. Leite
Sérgio B. Alves
Antonio Batista Filho
Donald W. Roberts, Utah State University


The entomophthoralean fungi Batkoa sp., Furia sp. and Neozygites floridana have been suggested for biocontrol of insect pests: the first two for control of spittlebug pests of pasture and sugarcane, and the third for mites of agricultural importance. To develop these agents as biopesticides and bioacaricides, it is important to have available culture media that maximize production at low cost. The research reported here evaluates, in different combinations and concentrations, the effect of four complex sources of nitrogen on production of mycelium or hyphal bodies in liquid media of all three species. Yeast extract allowed the highest production of Batkoa sp., with a concentration of 0.5% being the most suitable for vegetative (mycelial) growth. The combination of 0.33% each of yeast extract+beef extract+skim milk allowed the highest production of Furia sp. Mycelium. The combination of yeast extract+skim milk (0.5% of each) allowed the second highest production of Furia sp., and was the most suitable for mass production due to the lower cost. The combination of 1%each of yeast extract+peptone+skim milk was the most suitable for production of N.floridana hyphal bodies.