Lists of the Scientific Publications and Insect Taxa Described by Francis Xavier Williams

Paul H. Arnaud Jr., California Academy of Sciences


Doctor Francis Xavier Williams, distinguished student of insect behavior and ecology, entomological taxonomist and embryologist, expert illustrator, entomological explorer and world traveler, author, associate entomologist of the Hawaiian Planters' Association from 1916 to 1948, was born in Martinez, California on 6 August 1882, and died at Chula Vista, California, on 16 December 1967, during his 85th year. He was the gentlest of persons, living moderately and modestly, and among his riches were his entomological pursuits. Dr. Williams traveled extensively and his field laboratories were successively portions of California, the Galapagos Archipelago, Kansas, Massachusetts, the Hawaiian Islands, the Philippine Islands, Panama, Ecuador, British Guiana, Brazil, Missouri, Guatemala, New Caledonia, and East Africa. A biography of the life of Dr. F. X. Williams, written by Dr. Elwood C. Zimmerman, has been published in the Pan-Pacific Entomologist (vol. 45, pp. 135-146). Therefore, only a brief account of Dr. Williams' association with and great interest in the California Academy of Sciences, for a period of over 60 years, will be elucidated here.