The Sphegidae of South Africa

George Arnold, Rhodesia Museum


GENERAL CHARACTERS. The eyes usually reach the base of the mandibles, but sometimes they are separated from them by short cheeks. Maxillary palpi 6-, labial palpi 4-jointed. Mandibles not excised on the outer margin. Antennae 13-jointed in the 12-jointed in the . Flagellum filiform. Pro-notum as high as the mesonoturn, or not much lower; the pronotal tubercles do not extend back as far as the tegulae. Epicnemium absent, the episternal suture usually present. Epinotum large. Abdomen petiolate, the petiole formed only by the sternite of the first segment, or in forms with a 2-jointed petiole, by the sternite and tergite of the first segment. Pygidial area absent. Middle tibiae with two spurs.