Growth Parameters for Syringomycin Production in Pseudomonas syringae strain M1

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The cyclic lipodepsinonapeptide syringomycin E (SRE) produced by Pseudomonas syringae is being developed as a natural product agrofungicide. The purpose of this research is to identify the most effective P. syringae growth parameters for SRE production. P. syringae strain M1 was grown in 2L capacity fermenters and in capped test tubes both with agitation. A variety of compounds, including amino acids that are components of SRE, were added to the growth medium to study their effects on SRE production. L-histidine was found to be the best amino acid for promoting SRE production. Strain M1 extracts had strong antifungal activities. SRE production was most efficient when the bacteria were grown in capped test tubes than when incubated in aerated fermenters.

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