Hardware and resources to support national and international requirements for radiometric calibration of remote sensing instruments, including long-term trending and performance enhancements of existing facilities.

Session Chair: Steve Brown, USU/Space Dynamics Laboratory


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Tuesday, August 12th
8:10 AM

Gonio-Reflectometer for the Characterization of Advanced Blackbody Designs

Hansford Cutlip, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.
Holden Chase, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.
John Fleming, Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp.
Gary Frodsham, ATK-Military Systems
Adriaan C. Carter, Jung Research and Development

8:10 AM

8:35 AM

Dual Radiance Standards Can Minimise Calibration Uncertainty in the SWIR Region

Chris MacLellan, NERC Field Spectroscopy Facility, University of Edinburgh

8:35 AM

9:00 AM

Enhancing the Ground Calibration in the Short-wavelength Region to Improve Traceability within the Reflected Solar Bands of the CERES Instrument

Kory Priestley, NASA Langley Research Center
Audra Bullock, NASA Langley Research Center
Anum Barki, NASA Langley Research Center

9:00 AM

9:25 AM

ALTAIR: Precision Photometric Calibration via Artificial Light Sources above the Atmosphere

Justin Albert, University of Victoria

9:25 AM