Techniques, equipment, methods, and processes to advance the productivity and value of radiometric calibration

Session Chair: Vince Salomonson, University of Utah


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Monday, June 18th
5:20 PM

A New Approach for Albedo Calibrationi on OMPS

Tyler McCracken, Ball Aerospace
Thomas Rogers, Ball Aerospace
Eileen Saiki, Ball Aerospace
Dan Soo, Ball Aerospace
Stephen C. Bennett, Ball Aerospace

5:20 PM

5:45 PM

Development and Production of the Onboard Radiometric Calibration References for the Next Generation of European Weather Forecasting Space Instruments

Mathieu Maisonneuve, ABB Canada
Manyuan Li, ABB Canada
Robert Bouchard, ABB Canada
Yan Montembeault, ABB Canada
Gaetan Perron, ABB Canada
Jacques Giroux, ABB Canada

5:45 PM