The Characterization and Radiometric Calibration for Remote Sensing (CALCON) annual meeting provides a forum for scientists, engineers, and managers to present, discuss, and learn about calibration, characterization, and radiometric issues within the microwave, IR, visible, and UV spectral ranges.

Individuals developing measurement requirements for current and future sensor systems are encouraged to participate in the meetings to foster continuity and advancement within the community. CALCON attendance enables interaction with other experts, helps close the gap between expectations and real-world experiences, and may result in the discovery of solutions to individual program challenges.

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Technical Session: Advancements in Radiometric Calibration State-of-the-Art
Technical Session: Sensor Calibration and Testing for Hosted Small Satellite Payloads
Technical Session: Pre-launch Testing and Post-launch Performance
Spotlight Session: OLI
Technical Session: Calibration of Microwave Radiometers and Other Microwave Instruments
Invited Speaker Address
Technical Session: Inter-Calibration and Validation of Operational Sensors
Technical Session: Equipment, Capabilities, and Facilities for Radiometric Calibration
Technical Session: Calibration Challenges in Remote Sensing for Environmental Studies
Technical Session: Calibration Methods Using Celestial Objects
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