Unique challenges and advantages associated with International Space Station (ISS) payload design, calibration, and operation

Session Chair: Greg Kopp – Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP)/University of Colorado


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Monday, September 12th
4:35 PM

Data, Calibration and Processing of Thermal Infrared Data from the LisR ISS Mission

Andreas Brunn, ConstellR
Alan Rainot, ConstellR
Marius Bierdel, ConstellR
Max Gulde, ConstellR
Akshay Miryalkar, ConstellR
Atin Jain, ConstellR

4:35 PM

4:51 PM

Atmospheric Waves Experiment (AWE) Science to Calibration Requirements

Harri Latvakoski, USU/Space Dynamics Laboratory
Mike Taylor, Utah State University

4:51 PM