The Characterization and Radiometric Calibration for Remote Sensing (CALCON) annual meeting provides a forum for scientists, engineers, managers, and mission leads to discuss challenges and solutions. Discussion topics include calibration, characterization, image enhancement, remote sensing, and radiometric issues within the UV, VIS, IR, microwave, and SAR spectral ranges.

CALCON is not just for calibration engineers. Program leaders can improve the probability of mission success by understanding calibration basics and the benefits of well-calibrated data.

Browse the contents of 2023 CALCON Technical Meeting:

Pre-Meeting Workshop
Technical Session: Calibration Methods Using Celestial Objects
Technical Session: Radiometric Calibration Equipment, Capabilities, and Facilities
Technical Session: Pre-launch Testing
Spotlight Session: Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS)
Technical Session: Operational Sensor Inter-Calibration and Validation
Technical Session: Post-launch Performance