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Utah Water Quality


Utah State University

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Ground water is important to the economic and physical well-being of the people of Utah. About 95% of Utah's fresh water is ground water. It provides more than 70% of the state's drinking water and is a major source of water for agriculture and irrigation (see table below). Like lakes and streams, ground water can be polluted by human activities. The many possible sources of contaminants include mining activities, landfills, septic systems, fertilizers, pesticides and municipal, agricultural and industrial wastes. Hazardous substances can move through the soil into ground water potentially causing health problems for humans and animals. Although, there have been a few localized incidents of ground water contamination in Utah, generally, Utah's ground water is believed to be of acceptable quality; especially if it is obtained from an approved water system or from a properly installed and maintained private well. To date most of Utah's ground water contamination problems have not been directly associated with agriculture or agricultural chemicals.

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