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Water in the 21st Century: Conservation, Demand, and Supply


American Water Resource Association

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US/REMAX, a linear optimization model for groundwater management, is used to compute preliminary optimal sustained groundwater pumping increases for southeastern Cache Valley. US/REMAX employs the response matrix method of representing system response to stimuli as constraint equations within an optimization problem. The management objective is to maximize groundwater extraction at four specified locations subject to constrai~ts on aquifer potentiometric head, aquifer/river interflow, and the water level in the uppermost aquifer layer. Four scenarios (constraint sets) are presented. The results are most sensitive to the aquifer/river interflow constraints. Interflow is deemed important because baseflows are crucial to satisfying fish, aquatic life, and irrigation demands. If a constraint is imposed to assure at least 80% of non-optimal baseflow to the Logan and Blacksmith Fork Rivers, pumping in the considered locations can increase by only 13% beyond the 1990 values. Relaxing this constraint to assure at least 10% of baseflow to rivers results in a 40% increase in total pumping.