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United States Geological Survey

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REMAX is a software package designed to assist water managers in developing optimal ground water or coordinated ground water/surface water strategies for a wide range of management problems. REMAX uses MODFLOW, MT3D, and other simulation models to develop the response matrix or response surface equations employed in the final optimization model. To address nonlinear systems (e.g., unconfined aquifers) accurately, REMAX uses a modified response-matrix method. REMAX several nonlinear functions to represent a wide variety of nonlinear response surfaces. REMAX can be used for deterministic or reliability-based optimization problems. Decision variables are ground-water extraction/injection rates and/or surface water diversion rates. State variables include water flows, stages and concentrations. Available objective fm1ctions and constraints are linear, nonlinear, integer or mixed integer. REMAX has over 80 objective types including linear, quadratic, integer, goal programming, minimax, and maximin functions. Combining these types for multi-objective optimization makes REMAX ideal for cost minimization and/or utility maximization. Available constraints can be used to define relations among decision variables, state variables, or any combination of these variables in time and space. REMAX has been used for designing several ground-water remediation systems for capture and cleanup of ground-water contaminant plumes.