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Software for mathematically optimizing groundwater management has improved significantly in recent years. The SOMOS code can readily handle large complex plume and water management problems. Most recently, it developed a least-cost $40.82M 30-yr pumping strategy for the 6.58 mile long Blaine NAD plume. That strategy was 19 percent better than the strategy developed simultaneously by an experienced consultant using normal trial and error simulation procedures. The management problem involved 60 stress periods, and well installation and pumping rates that could change every 10 periods. The optimal strategy employed 10 new wells. At a simpler site, SOMOS helped select robust strategies from hundreds of least cost strategies that it identified--all having virtually the same objective function values. For another site, it developed a least-cost strategy for concentration constraints that change with time. A third site demonstrated the need for client-regulator-designer interaction during the design process. It also revealed SOMOS’ power in easily modifying posed optimization problem formulations to increase the chance that developed strategies will be acceptable to regulators. Improvements over strategies developed by others using normal trial-and-error ranged up to 50%. SOMOS utility in addressing complicated water resource supply problems is also demonstrated.