Rainfall Runoff Processes

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A Workbook to Accompany the Online Module Prepared for the National Weather Service Comet Outreach Program

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Workbook to accompany Rainfall-Runoff Processes Web module: http://hydrology.usu.edu/rrp. This module is designed to provide a comprehensive and quantitative understanding of infiltration and runoff generation processes. The module should take in 6-15 hours to complete depending on your quantitative background and a priori knowledge in this area. This module is targeted at students with a scientific or engineering background such professionals with a college degree in science or engineering, or seniors or graduate students in a hydrologic science or engineering program. No prior knowledge on Rainfall Runoff Processes is required. This module consists of six sections each corresponding to a chapter in this workbook. This workbook is designed to be used in conjunction with the online resources and we recommend that you print out this work book to have on hand for reference as you work through the online resources in each section. The online material focuses on key graphics, visualizations and animations, with the substantive material given as text in this workbook. Resource links in the margin indicate where there is an online resource associated with the adjacent material. There is a quiz at the end of each chapter designed to reinforce your knowledge of the material covered in the section. The online quiz resource compares answers to the solution and provides feedback. There is also an online final exam accessible once each chapter quiz has been attempted. The material in the early parts of the module is qualitative introducing the terminology and conceptual models involved in describing Rainfall Runoff processes. The latter parts of the module require users to perform quantitative calculations using a spreadsheet program such as Excel or an advanced engineering or scientific calculator.



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