A Conceptual Framework for the National Flood Interoperability Experiment (NFIE)

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The National Flood Interoperability Experiment (NFIE) is a one-year research collaboration among government, academia and industry to help demonstrate the next generation of national flood hydrology and emergency response at the National Water Center. High spatial resolution hydrologic forecasting systems are being built on a geospatial data infrastructure describing the natural water flow system of the continental United States divided into 2.67 million reach catchments. Detailed river hydraulic modeling and flood inundation mapping are being carried out for selected communities and regions. Planning for using this information to improve local flood emergency response and community resilience is being developed. A seven-week Summer Institute in June and July 2015 for graduate students at the National Water Center will serve as the focus to bring these activities together and help to establish a continuing pathway from research to operations in flood forecasting for the United States. If successful, this experiment will result in an increase in spatial density of flood forecasting locations by more than 700 times compared with the present NWS river forecasting system. This would be transformative for improved real-time flood information in the United States.


Invited presentation at National Weather Service National Hydrology Program Managers Meeting Tuscaloosa Alabama

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