Adaptable Web Modules to Stimulate Active Learning in Engineering Hydrology using Data and Model Simulations

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World Congress on Engineering Education


Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals


Doha, Qatar

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The overall goal of this study is to contribute to the advancement of hydrologic education as a multifaceted discipline. The specific objectives are to deliver visual, case-based, data and simulation driven learning experiences to instructors and students through open source web technologies and community based data and modeling sources. The approach is to use three different regional-scale natural hydrologic systems as educational “observatories” and have the learning experiences embedded within. These hydro-systems (Coastal Louisiana, Florida Everglades, and Utah Great Salt Lake Basin) provide a wealth of hydrologic concepts and scenarios that can be used in many curricula. Several student-centered learning modules are currently under development along with an instructional interface to guide and support the learner and the instructor. The developments also include an instructor’s guide containing adaptation and implementation procedures. The web-based modules are intended to be applicable in a wide range of courses, in different programs within institutions, as well as at different levels within the same program. Independent users will test the system to obtain feedback for necessary revisions and enhance the adaptability of the project.

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