“Field Data Collection and Analysis for Freeway Work Zone Capacity Estimation”

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Florida Department of Transportation

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A previous Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) (FDOT BD 545-51) developed analytical models for estimating the capacity of freeway work zones based entirely on simulated data. Simulation was used because there were no freeway work zone field data available at the time. As that project was nearing completion, it was determined that field data could be obtained from a recently installed freeway work zone along I-95 in Jacksonville, Florida, using the Jacksonville Traffic Management Center (TMC) cameras. Therefore this project was initiated to collect field data and based on these re-calibrate the models previously developed. To achieve the objective of the project, field data were collected at the freeway work zone identified, for a total of 15 days. Various capacity-related measures were obtained from the field data, including the maximum pre-breakdown flow, the breakdown flow, and the maximum and average discharge flow during congested conditions.

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