Impact of Trucks on Arterial LOS and Freeway Work Zone Capacity (Part B)

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Florida Department of Transportation

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The existing Florida Department of transportation (FDOT) lane closure analysis method was developed several years ago, and it is the desire of the FDOT to evaluate and update it. The objective of this research was to develop analytical models and procedures for estimating the capacity of a freeway work zone considering various parameters. Due to unavailability of real-world work zone data, the study was based on simulation. CORSIM (version 5.1) was used to develop a comprehensive database which was used in the analytical model development. Models were developed for three types of work zone configurations (2-to-1, 3-to-2, and 3-to-1 lane closures). Two different types of models were developed for each configuration; a planning model and an operational model. The planning model is the simplest one and it can be applied when the work zone is not in place. The operational model requires more data as input, and should be used for estimating the capacity of an existing work zone. Since this research was entirely based on simulation, the results and conclusions should be viewed with caution. It is likely that field observations would result in different capacity values and that additional factors (such as time of day, etc.) would affect the results.

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