Integration of an energy balance snowmelt model into an open source modeling framework

A. Sen Gupta
David G. Tarboton, Utah State University
P. Hummel
M. E. Brown
S. Habib


This paper presents a data model for organizing the inputs and outputs of an energy balance snowmelt model (the Utah Energy Balance Model, UEB) that provides a foundation for its integration into the EPA BASINS modeling framework and enables its coupling with other hydrologic models in this system. Having UEB as a BASINS component has facilitated its coupling with the Geospatial Streamflow Forecast Model (GeoSFM) to compute the melting of glaciers and subsequent streamflow in the Himalayas. The data model uses a combination of structured text and network Common Data Form (netCDF) files to represent parameters, geographical, time series, and gridded space-time data. We describe the design and structure of this data model, integration methodology of UEB and GeoSFM and illustrate the effectiveness of the resulting coupled models for the computation of surface water input and streamflow for a glaciated watershed in Nepal Himalayas.