CI-WATER: Cyberinfrastructure to Advance High Performance Water Resource Modeling

N. Jones
J. Nelson
G. Williams
F. Ogden
David G. Tarboton, Utah State University
S. Burian


We present a collaborative research project called CI-WATER, which involves a consortium of Utah and Wyoming researchers. The objective of the project is to acquire and develop hardware and software cyberinfrastructure (CI) to support the development and use of large-scale, high-resolution computational water resources models to enable comprehensive examination of integrated system behavior through physically based, data-driven simulation. The scientific problem that this project addresses is how are the quality and availability of water resources sensitive to climate variability, watershed alterations, and management activities? The CI challenge that we are addressing is how can we best structure data and computer models to address this scientific problem through the use of high-performance and data-intensive computing by discipline scientists coming to this problem without extensive computational and algorithmic knowledge and experience? The project thus aims to broaden the application of CI and HPC techniques into the domain of integrated water resources modeling. Read More: