Photothermal Spectrometry in Small Liquid Channels

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Analytical Science

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A novel apparatus for performing photothermal lens spectroscopy is described. The apparatus uses a low-volume cylindrical sample cell, a chopped or pulsed excitation laser, and a continuous probe laser. The full volume of the sample is irradiated with constant, e.g., non-Gaussian, irradiance beam produced by the excitation laser. Constant irradiance excitation source does not directly produce the photothermal lens element in the sample. The lens element is formed by thermal diffusion from the irradiated sample volume, through the sample cell walls. Under continuous irradiation, thermal diffusion results in a parabolic temperature change profile. The apparatus has been found to work with cells designed to contain sample volumes from 6 ��L down to 24 nL. Larger and smaller volume cells are practical but signals produced in the smallest sample cells exhibit deviation from that expected based on the theory. This is attributed to probe laser diffraction by the circular aperture of the sample cell.

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